Chinese Name:苯甲腈

Product Name:Benzonitrile

Molecular formula: C7H5N

Molecular weight: 103.12

Structural formula:

CAS No.: 100-47-0

Executive standard: Enterprise standard

 Physical and chemical property:

Benzonitrile is a transparent, water-soluble liquid with almond flavor and belongs to organic nitrile. Strong solubility, soluble in cold water, can be miscible with general solvents. Soluble in boiling water and alcohol, ether.


 Main performance indicators:

Appearance: Colorless liquid, no suspended matter and foreign impurities

Content: ≥99.5%

Color HZ: ≤50

Moisture % : ≤0.1

Benzaldehyde % : ≤0.02

 To use:

Used for the manufacture of benzene melamine, synthetic pesticides, fat amine intermediates; It can also be used as solvent, antioxidant, dye solvent and dye auxiliaries.

  • Benzonitrile and dicyandiamide were prepared under alkaline condition, which can greatly improve the quality of melamine plastics (especially the stain resistance).
  • Benzylamine can be prepared by Benzonitrile reduction and used as pharmaceutical intermediates.
  • Benzonitrile is emulsified with non-ionic surfactant, and its emulsion is a dyeing agent.

 Packaging:  200kg/drum

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