Chinese Name:苯甲醛


Molecular formula: C7H6O

Molecular weight: 106.12

Structural formula:

CAS No.: 100-52-7

 Specification: industrial grade

Executive standard: Enterprise standard

Scale of production: 6000 tons/year

Technical requirements

Appearance: Transparent liquid, no mechanical impurities.

The technical indexes of industrial benzaldehyde should meet the requirements in the following table



superior grade

content %          


color Hazen       



Transparent liquid, no obvious mechanical impurities

density (20℃)        


acidity (as Benzoic acid)%



To use

Benzaldehyde is a colorless liquid with a fragrance similar to bitter almond and is an important raw material for the pharmaceutical, dye, fragrance and resin industries; Mainly used for the manufacture of lauraldehyde, lauric acid, green, etc., can also be used as a solvent, plasticizer and low temperature lubricant, etc. In the flavor industry is mainly used for the deployment of edible flavor, a small amount of daily chemical flavor and tobacco flavor. Benzaldehyde is an organic compound formed when the hydrogen of benzene is replaced by an aldehyde group. Benzaldehyde is the simplest and most commonly used aromatic aldehyde in industry. It is a colorless or yellowish liquid at room temperature. Benzaldehyde is the main ingredient in almond oil extract, which can also be extracted from apricot, cherry, bay leaf and peach pit. The compound is also found in nuts and nuts in the form of glycoside binding (Amygdalin, Amygdalin). It can be used as raw materials for organic synthesis, used to manufacture cinnamaldehyde, cinnamic acid and its esters, and can also be used to prepare mixtures of Benzyl alcohol and benzoic acid as well as herbicides. It is also an intermediate in the synthesis of chloramphenicol, DL-phenylglycine and 2-nitrobenzaldehyde.

Packaging, transportation and storage

Packaging: The product is packed in dry and clean plastic drums. Net weight 200kg, net weight deviation of each barrel ±0.4kg Net weight of each batch of products is not allowed to have negative deviation.

Transportation and storage: avoid strong vibration, exposure, high temperature, fireworks, etc. Pay attention to seal and prevent oxidation. The storage period of this product is one year, after the expiration of storage. Sampling inspection again qualified can continue to use.

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